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MAXXQ Sports and Entertainment Inc is a full-service agency that combines astute business acumen and NFL player experience with innovative analytical abilities specifically designed to be the premier Sports and Entertainment Agency in the World. Our team is composed of some of the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders in their specialized field. Each member of the MAX Q team is highly recognized for their expertise in Law, Taxes, Media, Marketing and Wealth Management Services.


As an athlete contract, negotiation is and will be the most important task that you will take on.  Making the wrong decisions can cost you millions.  Contract negotiation does not just involve team contacts but products, services, media, promotional, and many others.  The most important aspect of contract negotiation involves legal.  But we think that it should also involve those who have been in your shoes as professional athletes.  And that's what separates MAXXQ Sports and Entertainment from others.  Our team consists of lawyers and professional athletes which can provide you with the full thrust of contract negotiations that can get you the full value of any contract.  Contact Us Now For Free Consultation!


As a professional athlete, you bring much value to the marketplace.  This value extends beyond the football, baseball, and soccer field and basketball courts.  Your image as a professional athlete is worth millions and we at MAXXQ Sports and Entertainment want to help you maximize that by promoting your image as the value it should represent.  We have a team of marketing experts from all areas that can help market you as a significant value to the marketplace helping you earn millions.  Contact Us Now For Free Consultation!


Media can be a big plus for your career as a professional athlete or it can be your worse nightmare.  In some cases, it has destroyed an athlete before their professional career takes off or ends it in the middle of their career.  Our goal at MAXXQ Sports and Entertainment is to make media work to your benefit and prevent them from having any negative impact on your professional career.  Our team at MAXXQ will prepare you for every interview, every announcement, and communication with media.


For a professional athlete having someone promote you and your career is to get the most out of your skills and talent.  While you are busy during playing season or just spending time with family during the off-season, MAXXQ Sports and Entertainment and its team will be employing all of our resources to promote you and your brand.  Contact Us Now For Free Consultation!


As a professional athlete wealth is in your grasp.  But as soon as you acquire it, wealth can disappear as so with many professional athletes.  We want to make sure that you don't make that mistake.  So we at MAXXQ Sports and Entertainment offer a comprehensive service to you that takes a holistic look at your financial picture and offer you the services such as investment management, financial planning, tax planning, and estate planning.  Our team of experts in all areas of wealth management has the expertise that can not only protect your wealth but expand it significantly.  Contact Us Now For Free Consultation!

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