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Sports Representation

MAXXQ Sports and Entertainment provides professional representation for pre-professional and professional athletes in all areas from legal to contracts to promotional.

Entertainment Representation
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 MAXXQ Sports and Entertainment provides professional representation for artist, entertainers, and professional performers in all areas from legal to contracts to promotional.

Legal Services

MAXXQ Sports and Entertainment provides professional legal services for all athletes and entertainers.  From contract negotiation and review to representation, we provide top-quality legal services.

Entrepreneurship Transition
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More and more athletes and entertainers are choosing entrepreneurship after a successful career.  MAXXQ Sports and Entertainment can help make that transaction easier and more successful.

Why Giles Cole And Our Team

 MAXXQ Sports and Entertainment Inc is a full-service agency that combines astute business acumen and NFL player experience with innovative analytical abilities specifically designed to be the premier Sports and Entertainment Agency in the World. Our team is composed of some of the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders in their specialized field. Each member of the MAX Q team is highly recognized for their expertise in Law, Taxes, Media, Marketing and Wealth Management Services.

We Are Your Choice


CEO GILES COLE is a Texas Lawyer and former 7th-round selection in the 2000 NFL Draft. As a former pro player, Giles’s experience from both sides of the NFL representation industry gives him the unique ability to best meet and exceed his client's goals.

A professional career starts long before a player or entertainer goes pro. At MAXXQ, we like to connect with parents and their talented sons or daughter at an early age (typically in middle school). We become a part of the team early on to help shape what an athlete or entertainer needs to accomplish to get to the next step in their academic career.


Provide Professional Consultancy
Provide Legal Consultancy
We Work With You From The Beginning
We Can Help Before You Start Your Professional Career
Team of Experts To Handle Every Need
We Understand You Because We Walk In Your Shoes
Legal Help From Beginning To End

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CEO Giles Cole, Esq

MAXXQ Sports and Entertainment

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